Office Supplies

The term office supplies is a broad term that covers office stationery products and equipment. In general, this tends to include items such as office paper, envelopes and files and folders. The list goes on.

The office supplies industry is worth billions and is ever increasing. An interesting study has been recently conducted by Martin Wilde Associates into how the office product market has continued to change, and more importantly, adapt over the years.

Office Supplies

Office Paper

Office paper indeed is usually one of the main office supplies items on a stationery buyers shopping list. Surprisingly, not the at the top. Well not anymore anyway. In general, more and more office workplaces are aiming at being paperless, as paperless as possible anyway. In practice, it sounds great. Great for the environment for sure, but in reality not that easy.

Copier paper, photo paper, inkjet paper and laser paper are all essential to the running of most offices. So to eradicate paper altogether may be a tough quest.


Email has indeed reduced the number of envelopes bought throughout the World, but again these are still very popular.

Some envelopes ranges have indeed increased in demand. Envelopes such as Jiffy bags, document enclosed envelopes, hard backed envelopes (do not bend) as just a few examples. Why, you ask? Online shopping.

In the past, it was common practice to buy what you needed from the shop, these days you buy over the internet. More and more online stores send out their goods, including office supplies through couriers and the post. This has increased the sales of packing supplies, document enclosed wallets and padded envelopes such as Jiffy bags.


Lever arch files, ring binders and presentation binders are still as popular as ever. Simply because the presentation of products and services has never really gone away. Computers can take a small percentage of this away using Powerpoint and other presentation tools on laptops, iPads and projectors. However, we find that our customers still prefer to present in the traditional way.

The filing and folders range of office supplies we have is ever increasing. From file dividers to suspension files for filing cabinets. Through to manilla document wallets and storage boxes.

We always keep your favourite brands of filing available from stock for next day delivery throughout the UK. Some of our main filing brands include Rexel, Guildhall, Eastlight, 5 Star and Q Connect.




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